Wingdam Project

Omineca’s aim is the commercial extraction the alluvial gold that has been trapped underneath a portion of Lightning Creek in south central British Columbia. Using a freeze technology to safely access the placer channel below the river, gold is extracted from the gold bearing gravels by wash plant and gravity separation using an existing, reusable water supply. No chemicals, no leaching, no mill, no waste or tailings.

The Wingdam Project encompasses 2.4 km of a rich, placer bearing channel buried 50 meters underneath Lightning Creek “containing some of the highest placer gold concentrations historically reported in all of the Cariboo mining district and perhaps British Columbia that remains un-mined” *

In 2012, the Company successfully conducted a test bulk sample using this technique extracting 5.4 kilograms of raw placer gold from crosscut tunnel 2.4 meters wide and 24 meters long cutting across the gold bearing channel. Omineca’s plan is to continue this process along the entire 2.4 kilometers of the channel.

*Stephen Kocsis, P.Geo. NI 43-101 Wingdam Property Report; Oct 2, 2012

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